Dan Attoe - Simple Thoughts, 2008, Courtesy Peres Projects, Berlin  Los Angeles  Dan Attoe - A Mysterious Trip, 2007, Courtesy Peres Projects, Berlin  Los Angeles   Dan Attoe - Accretion #34, 2006, Courtesy The Zabludowicz Collection  Walker & Bromwich -Limbo Land, 2002, Courtesy Pippy Houldsworth  Walker & Bromwich - Limbo Land, 2007, Courtesy Pippy Houldsworth  Walker & Bromwich - Celestial Radio 2004-onwards. Project originally  commissioned for COAST by Essex Council and ACE in partnership with Commissions East.  Walker & Bromwich - How the Universe Sang Itself into Being, 2004, mixed by Tim Olden & Chris McKenzie. Commissioned by Essex Council in partnership with Commissions East For Bradwell-upon-Sea, Essex Coast, 2004,  Walker & Browmich - A Visionary Journey, 2008, mixed by Bob Jaroc.  Commissioned by Turner Contemporary  For the tour of the Kent Coast visiting Whitstable Biennale, Margate,  Folkestone Biennale 2008.     Yinka Shonibare  Fabrizio Cammisecra, Nick Coulson, Magnus Edensvard, Deborah Grayson, Pippy Houldsworth, Elizabeth Neilson, Rafe Offer, David Panos, Javier Peres, Cleo Roberts, Sabine Unamun, Yianni Vasiliou, Kurt Vonnegut, Anita & Poju Zabludowicz.  Breakfast of Champions would like to thank The Thessaloniki Biennale and curator Gabriela Salgado for their support presenting Celestial Radio In London, www.thessalonikibiennale.gr